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Biotech Concepts Ltd. is focused on antibiotics and the biotechnological and biocatalytical technologies for their production.

With its research on new anti-infective substances, novel drug targets, the development of targeted drug delivery systems, and the development of efficient production processes for anti-infective drugs and intermediates, Biotech Concepts Ltd. aims to contributing to the worldwide efforts to ease the burden of infectious diseases.

Since the discovery of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928, antibiotics have prevented much suffering in the world. But microbes develop resistance and can evade the effects of antibiotics. While the developing countries are still awaiting cures for diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy and others, the developing countries are being challenged by the reemergence of infectious diseases caused by multi-resistant pathogens. The WHO and several national bodies have over the past decade increasingly voiced their concern on the dramatic increase in antibiotic resistances aquired by clinically relevant bacteria and fungi. Tuberculosis is one such example.

In its team Biotech Concepts Ltd. uniquely combines skills to address:

  • basic research needs
  • process development, fermentation and downstream development
  • technology transfer and training
  • project management for custom production

A more detailed description of our portfolio is described in the Services section. Use the Contact page to identify the team member best suited to answer your query.

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